SOLVED: Hi i have a 1999 vw golf v5 and when it warms up

Detail: Hi i have a 1999 vw golf v5 and when it warms up and you press the accelarator there is a delay before it starts to rev can anyone help me with this, cheers
Detail Question SOLVED: Hi i have a 1999 vw golf v5 and when it warms up

Solution: Throttle position sensor is faulty. , Hi, a 6ya Mechanic can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two. Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US. click here to Talk to a Mechanic (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need. Goodluck! , no it wont cause a misfire, misfire is caused by worn uot spark plugs and or plug wires or bad injector, but some golfs have very coming problem with the ignition module going bad causing number 1 cylinder to misfire , I HAVE THE EXACT PROBLEM!!! OK.. SO FINALLY AFTER A MONTH OF TRIAL AN ERROR.. I REPLACED THE COOLANT TEMP. SENSOR AND SERIOUSLY.. ALLLLL THE PROBLEMS WENT AWAY AND MY SYMPTOMS WERE IDENTICAL TO ALL 3 OF THE PEOPLE REPORTING THIS SAME PROB. ITS A $7.00 PART SO GRAB IT AND CHANGE IT.. IT IS VERY EASY TO SWITCH OUT AND I BET YOUR CAR RUNS AWESOME AGAIN :) GOODLUCK!! -MANDEY , Without knowing the model of radio fitted to your car I would make the following assumptions The CD Player is Locked Out: Either Because the battery has been disconnected and the clearing sequence in your handbook was not followed correctly you may have to wait several hours between attempts to unlock it and you will need the original code at hand as a fail safe Or The CD player is from another VW car and the on-board code in the memory does not match that one. Resume: You need to look out the little book that came with the car and read up on clearing the code for that particular model. Last resort is a VW Dealer who should provide assistance free of charge , according to the handbook , 16885 P0501 Vehicle speed sensor Range/Performance 16500 P0116 Engine Coolant Temp Circ Range/Performance 16705 P0321 Ign/Distributor Engine Speed Inp. Circ. No Signal Buy a Bentley's or join a VW forum, surely they will have forums for DTC code description. , THE 5 SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION At the bottom of the automatic gearbox (tiptronic) you will find one threaded plug on below surface, (follow red arrow in the picture below). This is for emptying. The oil level threaded plug is placed on the car front lateral automatic gearbox surface, (follow yellow arrow in the picture below). The filling oil plug is placed on the upper automatic gearbox surface, (follow green arrow in the picture below). Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) checking: 1. Requirements for check: 1.1. Vehicle standing on level surface. 1.2. Transmission must not be in fail-safe mode. 1.3. Shift lever in "P" position, parking brake applied. 1.4. Engine idling. 1.5. Air Conditioner and heater OFF. 1.6. ATF temperature must not exceed 104 Fahrenheit degree (40 Celsius degree) at start of test. 1.7. Automatic gearbox oil capacity: 2,5 liter. Only ATF with VW designation may be used. Do not use any lubricant additives. 1.8. Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF - part number: VW G 052 990 A2 1.9. An ATF level check when transmission oil temperature is too low results in overfilling, when too high results in underfilling. 2. CAUTION: Too much or too little ATF will affect the operation of the transmission. The ATF level must be checked at regular intervals. Don't forget to rate my response. Thanks!

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