SOLVED: The radiator fans not working,overheats when

Detail: The radiator fans not working,overheats when driving 10 min.return hos cold at operating smoke coming out
Detail Question SOLVED: The radiator fans not working,overheats when

Solution: And you want us to guess the year, make, model, right? , Hi, a 6ya Mechanic can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two. Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US. click here to Talk to a Mechanic (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need. Goodluck! , my husband did everything that everyone else did that had this overheating problem. It was so weird that my engine cooled at a light and heated up going down the road. I have a north star 4.6 engine and this is natorious for happening. my check engine light also came on and so I had a diagnostics done which told me my #1 injector wasn't firing , car ran like **** as well. After putting in a new water pump and plugs,ect. and realized injector was good a friend told him we could have a blown head gasket. So just to see if this was the problem I went to buy a bottle of glassbeads and the auto parts guy told us to purchase a bottle of BARS STOP LEAK BLOCK SEALER NOT RADIATOR BUT BLOCK SEALER $31.99 . He followed the directions and we waited 24 hrs. before driving it. What ever the problem was has stopped my car runs like brand new and I am loving it again. no over heating no injector problem, runs great.......I hope this helps. I know its probly a temperary fix but its a fix and now we know what the problem was. SASSY , When the engine is "over heating" are the radiator cooling fans running on high speed? Has there been any engine work performed on the vehicle lately? Let me know. Regards, , Check rad fan relay & or fuse under hood in fuse/relay box on drivers side fender area. Map is on underside of cover. , An overheating issue can be caused by a few different things, the most common cause of overheating is a sticking is a $7 part that is very easy to replace, it needs to be eliminated from the mix. Second most common would be a faulty water pump, this is usually characterised by a leak at the pump itself. If you are loosing coolant, you need to make sure it is not getting into your oil, you can check the dipstick for bubbles or a milky looking sludge. This can be caused by a cracked head or blown head gasket, these conditions are usually caused by the overheating itself, so if this is not the case, be careful and do not let it get too hot! The other thing that can cause an overheating issue would be a clogged radiator. The fan issue is problably not causing your problem, because at 35 miles per hour, enough air is being forced thru the radiator to effect cooling. The fans are good for when your car is sitting still. The electric fans are controlled by a coolant temp sensor. Good Luck! I hope you find this to be very helpful! , If the cooling fan shuts off after a few minutes with the ignition off, this is normal for most cars; it prevents hard starting in hot weather. If it fails to shut off after a reasonable period, say 10 minutes or longer, the relay for the fan may be faulty. If doesn't come on during running and the gauge is in the normal range, this is also normal. If it doesn't come on when the engine temp is above normal, the sensor for operation has failed. This is normally located on the bottom tank of the radiator and will have either one or two wires coming from it and most have a hex base for removal and installation. These are fairly common failures.

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