SOLVED: Transmission slipping... no check engine light

Detail: Need help identifying the problem.tranny is slipping when driving on inclined roads or just driving. No check light is on... but car did tell me to check transmission. Mechanic said he'll fix what ever I think but I have no clue. Please help me figure this out. Car is under 90,000 miles runs great but is slipping when driving.
Detail Question SOLVED: Transmission slipping... no check engine light

Solution: If it told you to check the transmission, there's a code stored. But chances are it's an enhanced code or a U, C or B code that your code reader can't read. A professional scan tool is needed to read those codes. The computer never posts a message without setting a code. NEVER. , Hi, a 6ya Mechanic can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two. Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US. click here to Talk to a Mechanic (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need. Goodluck! , Sounds like you have some EGR ports clogged up, remove the intake and look at the egr ports all but #1 cyl port will probably be at least partially clogged, hope this helps , Your transmission overheated!!! it will do this again. start off doing a basic transmission service. TIP: Take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic and ask for the transmission oil change but don't mention the transmission light incident or they will try to get to restore the transmission without even knowing what the problem is.... If the light comes on again after the service then I recommend you you have it diagnosed and get an estimate on how much it will cost to repair, Then determine if the car is worth the service! It will be expensive. Ballpark figure around 1400 - 1800 to have it rebuilt. , take the car to the trasmission guy, have them check it out. you may have burn the troque converter. , Try changing the fuel filter first we always change them when servicing the fuel pump anyway,its easy and cheap,if that doesnt solve the problem you will have to perform an amperage draw test on the fuel pump to insure your not replacing a good pump. Check the fuel pump relay and inertia switch and wiring also.Although possible its unlikley the fuel pump would blow a fuse consistantly without displaying any driveability problems.There may also be another component running off the fuel pump fuse have your mechanic pull a wiring diagram to find out. Good hunting keep me informed , Without the information as to why you had the Tranny rebuilt at 51K, I can share with you most likely the problem as per my experience with these units. The Valve body or Block depending on the year is going to be the accused problem as well as repair. Yet the reason most fail is actually the Servo inside the Trans Case itself. Some common complaints associated with a 5R55S / 5R55W are high TCC slip RPMs under increasing loads, slip codes, and converter apply or release concerns. These complaints are often caused by wear at the ID of the TCC modulator plunger valve sleeve, due to constant oscillation by the pulse width modulated TCC solenoid. This plunger valve positions the TCC modulator valve, which feeds line to the apply circuit, which controls slip rate. Wear of the sleeve will allow the TCC slip rate to continue to rise, and could prevent full lockup. The Servo kit assemblie restores hydraulic integrity to the TCC solenoid circuit with precisely tolerance parts. The elevated modulated pressure, will not raise apply pressure to the point of TCC piston fatigue, and will result in firmer TCC apply and reduced slip RPM in heavier use applications. 02 Explorers built prior to 03/04/02 with a 5R55W Tranny; can show no 3rd Gear, or slippage in 2-3 gear, with diagnostic codes P0733 & PO745 present.This may be due to a broken Band. Two tests will easily confirm or deny this problem. Most assuridly the valve body or block will need to be replaced. But further investigation as to why should be a concern or the Valve Body or Block will be no more than a band aid. Repeating itself within a few months. Improper dianosis for these units are why so many Ford Owners are constantly bad mouthing explorers in the Forums.

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