SOLVED: 1995 Tercel won't idle runs like **** and

Detail: The car stated missing a bit and now after sitting for months starts but will not idle and runs real rough, lots of smoke coming out of exhaust and when I checked the oil it is way over full and smells of gas. Is this just an injector problem or something far worse? Thanks in advance Scott
Detail Question SOLVED: 1995 Tercel won't idle runs like **** and

Solution: Probably a stuck injector. It could be the engine computer is getting a bad signal from the MAP sensor, too. Run a diagnostic test to verify. , Hi, a 6ya Mechanic can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two. Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US. click here to Talk to a Mechanic (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need. Goodluck! , You either have had the wrong valve seals installed, they are physically missing, or the valves are incorrect (too loose in the guides/stem too thin). The rocker arm seals will not contribute to your issue. If it did not have the oil smoke before you took the head off, the issue is with whatever the machine shop did. Valve seals have to fit TIGHT, or oil will go down the valve stem into the intake. Take the head back to the machine shop & tell them to fix it. For free. , There are three kinds of gasoline engine misfire scenarios, first there is the "under load" misfire and there is the "at engine idle" misfire, and finally there is misfire continuously. All engine misfires exist because one of three things has occurred. First, a cylinder has lost compression, a cylinder needs a certain amount of compression to operate correctly. Second, the ignition system has failed or is failing intermittently, spark is needed at the time of compression to ignite the fuel air mixture. Third, the fuel air mixture is incorrect, proper mixture is needed for the ignition system to ignite fuel properly. If any of these conditions occur in the engine, the engine will misfire. 1. Low or no compression can be caused by a. burned or leaking intake or exhaust valves b. worn or broken piston or piston rings c. worn out camshaft d. wrong weight motor oil was installed holding the cam followers from adjusting e. broken valve spring f. failed head gasket. 2. Ignition system has failed or is failing a. spark plug has fouled or is worn out b. ignition coil has failed c. spark plug wires have shorted e. engine control module coil driver has failed 3. Fuel/Air Mixture is incorrect a. vacuum leak at the intake manifold b. fuel injector has failed c. EGR valve is stuck open d. mass air flow sensor has failed e. oxygen sensor has failed f. air intake boot is cracked common problems: 1. fuel injector has failed or is failing 2. spark plug wire has shorted 3. spark plug is worn out or is cracked 4. ignition coil has failed is failing Testing a coil on the car is pretty easy. No special tools are required. Just remember to be careful, the amount of electricity generated by your ignition system can be dangerous. If your coil is already off the car, or if you would like a more specific data-driven test, you can bench test your coil. To set up the test, remove one spark plug wire from its plug, then remove the spark plug using a spark plug socket. Next put the spark plug back into the spark plug wire. Be careful not to let anything drop into the empty spark plug hole -- very bad. , I have power at the coils , have good compression , have you ever seen a crank pickup cause this problem? , possible check vacume hoses if its hookup properlly , http:// click here for p0442 info

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