untold story of the concorde disaster askthepilot

Detail: untold story of the concorde disaster askthepilot
Detail Question untold story of the concorde disaster askthepilot

Solution: december 9 last week a french appeals court overturned a manslaughter conviction against continental airlines for its role in the crash of an air france concorde outside paris twelve years ago air france flight was an international charter flight from paris to new york city on the aerospatiale bac concorde on 25 july at time 16 43 cet the aircraft serving the flight registration f btsc ran over debris on the runway during takeoff blowing a tyre and puncturing a fuel tank the subsequent fire and engine failure caused i am a physician and an airplane buff think i am on your mailing list 2 weeks ago i gave in and saw sully that was after having read your review of the movie data from the wall street journal the concorde story the international directory of civil aircraft shocked passenger films an engineer using tape for a quick fix on an easyjet engine the clip was filmed at amsterdam s schiphol airport on tuesday patrick smith airline pilot and host of askthepilot said however that there was nothing at all to worry about because what s loose isn t actually the window

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