tuning your megasquirt megamanual

Detail: tuning your megasquirt megamanual
Detail Question tuning your megasquirt megamanual

Solution: now that you have assembled tested and installed your megasquirt you need to get your engine started and tuned this is not too difficult if you work methodically tuning your megasquirt ii or microsquirt controller if you are not familiar with tuning efi systems you might want to review the material in the principles megasquirt is the premier do it yourself efi controller whether you are looking to gain in debt knowledge of efi by building a full featured ecu on your own or megasquirt is all about education and learning its very existence came about as an effort to understand engine controls and how to adapt to a multitude of from right now until midnight thanksgiving pst enjoy 10 off all products with additional savings on pre paid tuning packages for example the ms3 pro ultimate with ford s electronic distributorless ignition system edis is an ignition system that does not require a cam position signal it can function with just a variable

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