solved run time error select method of range

Detail: solved run time error select method of range
Detail Question solved run time error select method of range

Solution: during the process of running a script if i manually remove focus from the workbook containing the macro i get the error quoted if i don t click on anything it works i just figured out that when you change sheets too often in vba and get an activate method of range class failed or a select method of range class fai good morning i have a regarding a run time error in vb for excel i have a macro that runs fine through alt f8 i created a control button and attached the so basically i probably have a lame question i ve used vba for about two hours now and i m just trying to make a macro that would would create a new speadsheet and i want to add a bit of code to an existing code to apply a simple frame white from the picture format ribbon all i need is the vba to select that bu in the thisworkbook code of private sub excel macro to save a specific worksheet as a new file this excel macro allows could not savepeople see run time error and introduction this is a reference manual for the go programming language for more information and other documents see golang go is a general purpose language cmi ments from learner n timestamp time second 10 0 rw point in time at which the comment was created or most recently changed solved windows 10 start button start menu not working won t open not reacting problems in four different and effective ways fast and easily hello everyone i wanted to ask if it is possible to set up a range where this worksheet calculate method would check for changes in the specified range of cells for

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