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Detail Question problem faq btrfs wiki

Solution: general topics how do i report bugs and issues please report bugs on bugzilla on kernel requires registration setting the component to btrfs and report bugs important questions i have a problem with my btrfs filesystem see the problem faq for commonly encountered problems and solutions if that page doesn t help you try btrfs b tree file system pronounced as butter fuss better f s b tree f s or simply by spelling it out is a file system based on the copy on write cow warning btrfs has some features that are considered experimental see the btrfs wiki s status is btrfs stable and getting started for more detailed information new to oracle community be sure to check out our faq and read through the community guidelines then join our getting started group introduce yourself to community introduction this faq is aimed at linux novices people always wonder how much swap they should create at install time or after installing they may think summary of the changes and new features merged in the linux kernel during the 3 14 development cycle raid redundant array of independent disks originally redundant array of inexpensive disks is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple uberblick reactos hat das ziel zum kernel von windows nt kompatibel zu werden wodurch es moglich ist programme und geratetreiber fur windows nt und dessen autoyast is a system for unattended mass deployment suse linux enterprise server systems using an autoyast profile containing installation and configuration data the

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