p obd ii trouble code

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Solution: obd ii obd2 diagnostic trouble codes definitions and suggested repair procedures what does p code mean obd ii code p is defined as a post catalyst fuel trim system too rich the engine computer pcm monitors the amount of oxygen left p trouble code definition in the simplest of terms the p fault code indicates the powertrain control module pcm has received data from the oxygen sensors p01xx obd ii trouble codes this is the listing of p01xx obd ii diagnostic trouble codes dtcs they all start with p01 e g p p etc the first letter p what does p20ba code mean obd ii code p20ba is defined as a reductant heater a control circuit performance diesel exhaust fluid def is used to assist in p trouble code definition the p code is associated with the electrical circuit which p obd ii trouble code fuel volume regulator control circuit open the p code is a standard obd ii trouble code that notes a problem with the traction control input signal the traction control input signal is responsible for diagnostic trouble code dtc p p code definition if the pcm has detected a voltage reading that is too low from the electric cooling fan control circuit p0xxx codes trouble code fault location probable cause p p fuel and air metering and auxiliary emission control p no fault p complete list of obd codes generic obd2 obdii diagnostic trouble codes the definition for the code is defined in the eobd obd ii standard and will be

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