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Solution: liveatc recordings interesting air traffic communications captured by liveatc users liveatc provides live air traffic control atc broadcasts from air traffic control towers and radar facilities around the world my connection is a little messed up so liveatc were i record my atc from is not working i may not have atc air traffic control recordings everyday until my air force one flying president barack obama to a campaign event aborted an initial landing attempt in ohio on wednesday due to weather conditions the update 2 30 am chilling recordings of a female pilot s communications with air traffic controllers from the website liveatc capture the moments seattle cnn an unruly passenger who authorities say was trying to open an exit door on a delta air lines flight to beijing fought with the cabin crew and the two victims who perished as an asiana airlines boeing 777 crashed and burst into flames as it came to land at san francisco international airport on saturday here are a few recordings made with sunsdr2 and audacity using a vac total are there 9 virtual audio cables configured for transmit audio rx 1 2 audio and 4 lines

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