has russiagate finally been solved the daily sheeple

Detail: has russiagate finally been solved the daily sheeple
Detail Question has russiagate finally been solved the daily sheeple

Solution: elected governments are false fronts coordinated by a global shadow government cloud providers as intelligence collection hubs silicon valley now can be renamed to surveillance valley mass surveillance is equal to totalitarism with the classic slogan of third reich great work b where s jim jones when you need him to serve up some of his koolaid to the numerous politicos and propagandists pushing the russiagate big lie for they surely deserve several pitchers full each clusterfuck nation now appearing mondays and fridays support this blog by visiting jim s patreon page historians of the future huddled around their goose fat lamps in muddy woolen cloaks may cite this as the month that the kardashian dreamland formerly known as the usa finally lost its collective mind the acronym of is sounding another alarm april 16th libor or the london interbank offered rate was the most important acronym most investors never heard of before

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