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Solution: i went to visit our hospitalized relative over the weekend his condition has been dropped a notch and he has been moved i think it s still a form of intensive after being taken down twice by blogger within a single week we got the message it s time to go gates of vienna has moved to a new address 17 7k tweets 3 848 photos videos 8 269 followers check out the latest tweets from gates of vienna gatesofvienna after victory in the battle of vienna plaque memorializing the 300th anniversary of successful defense against the ottomans at the gates of vienna gates of vienna is an islamophobic blog originally begun on blogspot in january it is run from virginia by edward ned may but often hosts european proponents gates of vienna counterjihad international 866 likes 3 talking about this counterjihad at its most insightful well written and impeccably researched the gates of vienna is a story where there probably shouldn t be one it makes history readable telling different aspects of the story at the same time in an the siege of vienna in was the first attempt by the ottoman empire he blocked the four city gates and reinforced the walls last year on september 11th i composed a memorial post and then went browsing among all the other bloggers who had posted their own memorials the defeat of the ottoman army outside the gates of vienna is usually regarded as the beginning of the decline of the ottoman empire but walter leitsch asks was it gates of vienna s rules about comments require that they be civil temperate on topic and show decorum for more information click here barack obama is at the gates of vienna but america is not at war with islam got that as a matter of fact all those isis or isil people cutting off heads in they used to post some of our islam related materials and only a few weeks ago i exchanged emails with its authors and now this so while the actual gates of vienna today 332 years ago on september 12th poland had stopped once and for all the march of islam into europe saving the continent from suffering a gates of vienna is a two player game covering the campaign of in which an ottoman army besieged that habsburg capital only to be defeated by a multi national in at vienna a turning the ottoman tide john iii sobieski at vienna an ottoman envoy appeared at the gates with the demand that the posts about gates of vienna written by someone has to say the truth marielena montesino de stuart gates of vienna baron bodissey on new year s day a powerful explosion and fire occurred at 514 cedar avenue south in a predominantly somali neighborhood of the zion chronicles and zion covenant the gates of zion the return to zion a light in zion the key to zion vienna prelude jerusalem interlude six zion novels it s a new mug it s a new day feeling good let your coffee cup express your morning vibes with gates vienna mugs some mornings it s difficult to express it s a new mug it s a new day feeling good let your coffee cup express your morning vibes with gates of vienna mugs some mornings it s difficult to express the bbc is normally keen to report the words of mega wealthy philanthropist bill gates no so keen today for some reason as he ponders europe s future as it drowns siege of vienna siege of vienna july 17 sept 12 expedition by the turks against the habsburg holy roman emperor leopold i that resulted in their defeat posts about gates of vienna news feed written by whitelocust so apparently this book the fantabulous tome the gates of vienna qualifies as literature i know that because i was asked to talk about it and other things i ve gates of vienna is an american website associated with the counterjihad movement it is based in virginia and claims as it s goal opposing the islamization of europe the gates of vienna refers to the battle in when jan sobieski the king of poland joined forces with leopold the emperor of the holy roman islamophobic blogs like gates of vienna popular with white supremacists have israeli american fans who have adopted a hard line pro israel agenda

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