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Solution: below is the accompanying article from il giornale also translated by fousesquawk piazza san carlo 8 magrebians north africans arrested irritant spray to rob those present after being taken down twice by blogger within a single week we got the message it s time to go gates of vienna has moved to a new address 17 7k tweets 3 848 photos videos 8 250 followers check out the latest tweets from gates of vienna gatesofvienna after the battle of vienna the newly identified plaque memorializing the 300th anniversary of successful defense against the ottomans at the gates of vienna gates of vienna counterjihad international 874 likes 5 talking about this counterjihad at its most insightful well written and impeccably researched gates of vienna could use some help please research the article s assertions whatever is credible should be sourced and what is not should be removed the siege of vienna in was the first attempt by the ottoman empire he blocked the four city gates and reinforced the walls barack obama is at the gates of vienna but america is not at war with islam got that as a matter of fact all those isis or isil people cutting off heads in those videos gates of vienna the same site that inspired terrorist anders behring breivik last year on september 11th i composed a memorial post and then went browsing among all the other bloggers who had posted their own memorials

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