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Solution: diatomaceous earth testimonials benefits you have seen using both food grade for human and pet health and crawling insect control de about de diatomaceous earth earthworks health llc offers the purest freshwater food grade diatomaceous earth on the planet diatomaceous earth is a powerful natural remedy for flea control to kill insects and to detox the body other natural cures too so the other day i was talking to a friend about this homemade deodorant for sensitive skin and she wondered aloud if she really needed to buy a whole bag of this the definitive post on diatomaceous earth learn how to use diatomaceous earth for its health benefits and around your home and homestead diatomaceous earth is more than just a natural pesticide in fact it may act as an internal cleanser skin exfoliator and beauty aid you are here home categories foodless fridays non recipe posts foodless friday the many health benefits of diatomaceous earth diatomaceous earth de is a natural product composed of the fossils of tiny algae like organisms called diatoms it is a soft white or off white powder that is customer testimonials we never get tired of hearing about your experiences and feedback with your personal uses of our diatomaceous earth please let us know how you

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