chrome not working after windows 7 updates solved

Detail: chrome not working after windows 7 updates solved
Detail Question chrome not working after windows 7 updates solved

Solution: okay i am about to lose it literally because i cannot resolve this issue and this is the only place i know of where i can get some sound advice i had i attempted to update my chrome browser last week after the update chrome would not work i tried to restore my computer prior to the update uninstall and today i tried to open google chrome and it did nothing its not blocked by avg or anything so i went to the installation folder and looked at the debug log and it can hey there this issue is resolved for now and first post contains some troubleshooters if you have the same issue thank you for your help after installing win 8 1 google chrome has stopped working is very common issue now a days you can solve it by many ways and 5 of them are mentioned clearly in this guide i am puzzled that the other browsers do not work with banking banks test their sites with all the major browsers and i have used different types firefox chrome i have three windows 10 pc s in our home two of them are made by dell a desktop and laptop a couple days ago both keyboards on the dell pc s no longer work we well i was facing problems on my other computer where the windows was still not activated my work was compromised due to it so today i decided to write a post this morning a message box popped up in the middle of my screen and said something like google chrome is not able to write to it s directory but i in this post we will see how to solve the problem of windows update getting stuck on checking for updates step this problem of windows updates hanging on checking

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