100 solved windows update stuck windows 10 8 7

Detail: 100 solved windows update stuck windows 10 8 7
Detail Question 100 solved windows update stuck windows 10 8 7

Solution: my lenovo all in one ran an automated windows update from 8 0 and now it s stuck at working on updates 100 complete don t turn off your computer it s been like this for over 3 hours now windows update stuck we have come up with the best four methods to solve it method 1 run windows update for 1 hr method 2 update windows i installed windows 7 fresh and installed sp1 now when i try to check manually for windows updates it just hangs on the checking for updates screen i tried running the tools in how do i reset w recently my laptop crashed and i reinstalled windows 7 and now my updates won t work they just keep searching 32 bit fix windows 10 update fails to install solved the following issue s may occur when you try to install the windows 10 update also known as fall creators update the update fails to install or the update downloading procedure is stuck if you stuck at 99 while using windows 10 upgrade assistant to perform an upgrade you can use the top three solutions here to fix the problem if you re stuck on or frozen at the checking for updates message when you try to upgrade your windows 7 to say windows 10 don t worry we are here to help many windows 7 users are able to solve it with one of the following solutions from my experience svchost exe is needed to do the windows updates in my windows 7 machines they take hours to update after a new install of win 7 or a long time without doing regular updates because of the nature of how windows 7 does its updates compared to previous versions of windows closed some keys on my laptop have stopped working after windows 10 update asus b stuck in a endless loop situation with update discussion in installation setup and updates started by stefanwin10 mar 10

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